What is Seshi?

Seshi is a scalable, instant file sharing solution for sending files between devices & friends. File transfer is encrypted and no account or installation is needed to use the service. It is special because it uses the 'no cloud' principle first, putting people in control of their content.

Key Facts

  • Seshi started out originally as a University project to create a universal backup solution.
  • Seshi is a real-time peer to peer file sharing website, built on top of WebRTC
  • It is written by Christopher Simpson, an Ethical Hacker and the rest of the team:
  • UI/UX Engineer, Anthony Ho has joined the team (we are a team of three)

Seshi Homepage

Key contacts:

Name: Christopher Simpson BSc (hons) | Founder & Ethical Hacker

Email: [email protected] / Twitter

Name: Anthony Ho | UI/UX Engineer & Material Science & Engineering


Why is Seshi different?

Seshi is different to other file transfer services because it does not store user's data in a ‘cloud’ but instead files are stored within the browser. This lets users share files across their devices. Seshi Pro is the backup component, due to be released Spring 2016.

Why was Seshi created?

“The web is ready to deliver more substantial applications. We’re building Seshi to be one of the best file sharing experiences on the web. Users are tired of being blocked by signup forms, location, data collection. Seshi gets out of your way. If we’re good, you’ll use us, if not then we’ll improve.”

The days of needing to install software are melting away because we all have one universal & powerful interface already installed, the web browser. Seshi uses new open technologies like WebRTC to create a powerful file sharing experience.”

-Christopher Simpson

Are you a piracy problem?

No. It’s not our right to police the web, our job is to build on the open web and demonstrate what is possible. Seshi connects people, how people embrace technology is up to them and it is really important to us to be that neutral party and not take a position politically on one side or the other.

What’s next?

In addition to our existing file transfer experience, we are working on three major enhancements:

  • Streaming content between peers, in sync
  • Connect to many friends at once (multi peer!)
  • Seshi Pro will provide permanent, dependable storage to those that want it.