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How to send large files fast over the internet for free

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This is possibly the fastest way to transfer large files over the internet for free. You can send files securely and direct from pc to laptop or pc to phone.

Seshi is an instant file transfer service, so make your you are both on-line when you want to send a file to a friend. The connection is encrypted so your transfer is private. Also it is fast because we do not store the file, it gets sent directly between you and your friend.

Step one - Add your file(s) to Seshi

Note: This video loops, don't get stuck here forever!

Simply click 'Add files' then Seshi fill store your file(s) inside your web browser. You can store any type of file and send large files direct to a friend online.

How to add files to Seshi

Next you're ready to connect to your friend!

Step two - Connect to your friend

Choose your connection key, and send it to them. You can choose any key you like, however use the 'generate send' button if you want a more random (more secure) key. Choose your own key for speed.

Create a Seshi key
To create your key:

  • Just type Seshi.io/whateverYouWant
  • Press <Enter> on your keyboard.
  • Send key to friend, their browser with automatically connect

Seshi Connecting to a friend before sending files direct

For example: Send it to them over WhatsApp, Facebook, Email) any method will work. You just need to send them your personal url.

Step three - Send the large file direct to another computer!

Great! Now your connected you can exchange files between eachother. You can use the checkboxes to select which files you want to send. Then, use the arrows to pull or push files between you.

Showing how to send large files directly to another computer using Seshi

You can use Seshi to send large files fast over the internet, for free. It's fast because your files are sent directly between you and your friend.

You can also use Seshi to quickly send files between devices, for example your mobile phone and laptop. Just add the file to Seshi, connect, and send!

The transfer is encrypted and sent direct, we don't store your files at all. Enjoy!

Drop us an email to tell us how or why you're using
Seshi.io to send files. Is it because of the Speed? Ease of use? Privacy?