About Seshi

Send Files Directly to another computer

Seshi.io doesn't send your file via a server. It sends your files directly from your computer to your friends device. It also supports two-way file transfer. The connected friend can also send their files to you too. There's no account or installation needed.
Because of this it's faster, more private, and simple.

It's your content, your control.

Send files without the Cloud

Send Files without the cloud

With Seshi there's no cloud needed, you can send files without uploading to the server and there's no need to install anything.

Because of this, Seshi respects your privacy more and you always own your content.

Send large files fast & free

Have you ever wondered how to send large files quickly over the internet? Seshi.io is one of the fastest because there's no install needed and the file goes directly from you to the recipient.

How much data I send?

With Seshi there is no limit to how much data you send, you can send an unlimited number of files for free.

Can I send big files for free too?

Yes. We're working on an unlimited filesize solution & we don't impose any file size limit.

Can you be more specific?

The only limit is how much power your device has, and your internet connection. If you have a super fast internet connection & super fast computer you can happily send over a gigabyte. We want Seshi to work for everyone regardless of computer power so we're working on two cool features:

  • Resumable uploads (if an upload fails, start off from where you left)
  • Shared cloud. Share your underutilised storage / computer power with other. #Sharing economy.

Please give Seshi a go & feedback <3

Seshi example- Sending a file direct to a friend

Seshi is new on the block, we respond to all feedback so please help us make Seshi great for you, give us a shout on twitter or email us directly we very much appreciate it!

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